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The Best Ways to Clean the Inside of Your Desktop Tower

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Have you noticed the dust that’s been gathering by your computer fan?  Are you wondering how you’re going to clean inside of your desktop tower?  Read on!

Have you noticed the dust that’s been gathering by your computer fan?  Some desktops have clear side panels that allow you to see the components and their state of cleanliness, but others are completely opaque.  This means that you’ll have to check regularly inside your desktop tower to make sure it’s as clean as possible.  Are you wondering how you’re going to clean inside of your desktop tower?  Read on!

What You’ll Need


Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done:

  • Compressed air
  • Gentle cloth
  • Set of screwdrivers
  • Cotton swabs
  • Zip ties
  • Scissors


Getting Inside


There should be screws on the outside of your panels.  This is where you’re going to gain access to your desktop tower’s insides.  By opening this, you’re going to see all the wires and components that make your computer run.  If these are coated in a layer of dust, it’s definitely time to start cleaning.  Gather your materials and get to work!


Start Small


Use your compressed air to get into hard-to-reach areas; this is how you’re going to delicately clean those tiny components.  Never use a vacuum to rid your desktop tower of dust.  This can damage them, either through force or electrical reactions.  Instead, use cotton swabs and lint-free cloths to gently wipe down the components.  Go slowly until you’ve covered all of the areas that need to be cleaned.


Clean it Up


To keep your wires in order, it’s a good idea to get out some zip ties so you can gather like wires together.  This will help to keep your tower looking neat, but it will also ensure you’ll never run into complicated, tangled messes later on.  Groups of wires leading to the same component should be gathered in a zip tie.  Or, use your own judgement for what you think should be tied together.  It’s up to you–as long as your tower looks neat and organized afterwards.


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