Do You Need to Get a New Computer?

What are some of the easiest and most effective ways to tell that the problem isn’t you, it’s your old computer?

Purchasing a new computer is not typically a very fun process, especially if you aren’t a very tech-savvy person. However, you might not actually need a new computer! What are some of the easiest and most effective ways to tell that the problem isn’t you, it’s your old computer?

It’s Too Slow for Your Job

If you use your laptop or other computer as a part of your job, you can’t afford to have it working slowly. If you have tried to troubleshoot the issue and think that age is the culprit, investing in a new computer is your best option. A slow computer can lead to lost revenue and decreased productivity over time, inadvertently costing you money every day.

It’s Noisy

Odd noises can be the sign of a minor issue, or they can be a sign that your computer is getting to be a little too old to properly function. Every computer makes a certain amount of noise, especially when it’s working at full capacity or in a warm area, but if your computer is getting louder and louder over time, it’s time for a new computer. Clicking, scraping, and any other dramatic and bad-sounding noises are a cause for concern.

It’s Out of Date

Eventually, every computer reaches the age where software updates can no longer be installed. Once your computer is aged out of software updates, getting a new computer is a necessity. The more out of date your software becomes, the bigger target your computer will become for hackers and others looking to take advantage. Many software updates aren’t just for cosmetic reasons, after all-they’re to patch and protect against known and unknown threats to the software and your system.  

Working Nets Can Help You With Your IT & Security Needs

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