How to Optimize Your Computer for Faster Performance

With a few simple tricks, you may be able to get your computer in tip top shape with much faster performance.

While it is important to know when to retire and replace a computer, why go through all that hassle and money possibly even years before you have to? With a few simple tricks, you may be able to get your computer in tip top shape with much faster performance. Take a look at these handy solutions before you consider replacing your computer.

Clean Out Your Hard Drive  


While if you constantly bring things into your home and never get rid of anything, you will quickly start to notice, it is easy to hoard years and years of unused files on a computer without even realizing it. All that extra data can make your machine incredibly slow. If you have had your computer for a few years and have never done a proper cleaning of files, it is time. You will be amazed by what this can do for your system performance. There are even a number of programs that can help you quickly and easily clean out your hard drive.  


Defragment Your Hard Drive


After you have cleaned out your system, it is time to defragment your hard drive in order to get faster performance. While hard drives store data, eventually this data will spread everywhere and significantly drag down your system. A defragmentation program takes care of this and can do wonders for your overall system performance.  


Purge Your Computer Of Viruses  


Viruses can do a lot of damage to your computer. And while some are very obvious, others are subtle and you may not even know they are there. Download anti-virus software and be sure to keep your computer updated regularly so it can work as effectively as possible. Older and out-of-date machines are often full of security holes and more vulnerable to newer and more clever viruses. If your PC is already infected, Norton antivirus can can take care of that and eliminate the virus easily.


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