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How to Tell if Your Graphics Card is On Its Last Legs

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Are you concerned that recent problems with your laptop or desktop computer could be related to your graphics card?

Have you been having graphics card trouble lately? Are you concerned that recent problems with your laptop or desktop computer could be related to your graphics card? Here are some of the easiest ways to identify whether or not your graphics card is on its last legs.


If your graphics card is nearing the end of its life, you might be seeing significant amounts of stuttering on your screen. Stuttering on your screen can have many causes, however, so make sure to test your computer for malware, hard drive problems, or other RAM problems that could be leading to the stutter.


Does your screen glitch out while you are watching a video? Tearing and colors that aren’t supposed to be there are signs that your graphics card is ready to go. If you restart, the problem might temporarily go away, but if your graphics card is dying it will return again.


Artifacts are similar to screen glitches in that they are little objects left behind on your screen that don’t belong. Again, just like with glitches, they might go away after you restart the computer. However, they will always reappear again if the graphics card is the problem.

The Blue Screen of Death

Even non-tech-savvy people know what the blue screen of death means (and it helps that the definition is in the name). Computers can develop a blue screen for a myriad of reasons including issues with RAM, hard drive errors, graphics cards, or other components that aren’t functioning properly. If your system only displays a blue screen when you do something graphically-dependent (streaming a movie or playing a videogame), your graphics card is ready to go!

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