How to Protect Your PC from Malware and Hackers

Two of the biggest threats to PCs and all tech devices today are malware and hackers.  Here are some simple ways to protect your PC.

Two of the biggest threats to PCs and all tech devices today are malware and hackers. Protecting your devices from malware and hackers can seem like a full time job, but with the help of Working Nets and some proactive work, it can become a lot easier. Here are some simple ways to protect your PC from malware and hackers.

Install a Firewall

Think of a firewall as a security guard standing at the entrance to your laptop, desktop computer, or server. You can install a software firewall or hardware firewall to protect your system. If you use your computer at home, leave your firewall on all the time. While a firewall will do a good job protecting from malware and hackers, it won’t get the job done on its own.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Beyond a firewall, anti-virus software will also help protect your computer from malware and hackers. Anti-virus software works by preventing unauthorized software or code from running on your computer. Even if you don’t have any viruses now, without anti-virus software you won’t be protected from getting them in the future. Advanced anti-virus software can also protect your email, prevent pop-ups from annoying you, and stop identity theft in its tracks.

Use Secure Passwords

The best way to protect your system from malware and hackers is using secure passwords across all of your applications and websites. Use passwords that are over 8 characters long and that include numbers, letters (uppercase and lowercase), and special characters. Always choose random combinations so that your passwords can’t be guessed.

Working Nets Can Help You With Your IT & Security Needs

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