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The 3 Top Hidden Features of Windows 10

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These interesting yet hidden features of Windows 10 will give you new and more convenient ways to get your work done.

Windows 10 is nothing new, but many people still haven’t discovered some of these hidden features. If you want to use Windows 10 in some new and different ways to help you get more work done or simply enjoy your computer experience more, here are 3 of the top hidden features of Windows 10.

The Clutter Folder

If you are using your email in the Windows 10 mail application, you might be interested in the new email folder called “Clutter.” Clutter is similar to the spam folder, but filled with messages that Windows 10 deems not necessarily relevant. The “More” subheading is the new folder’s home, and you should make a habit of regularly checking it in case something more important is placed there. The Clutter folder learns what to filter out based on your habits, so don’t be afraid to drag things out of it or move things into it.

Turn Off Cortana

While some Windows 10 users like Cortana, many wish that she would just go away. One of the hidden features of Windows 10 is actually a toggle switch to turn off Cortana. To erase her memory and turn the feature off, visit Settings, Privacy, Speech, Inking & Typing, and then click the button that displays “Stop getting to know me.”

Background App Manager

This awesome hidden feature of Windows 10 lets you determine which apps run in the background while you are using your computer. Some people aren’t bothered by background apps, but others would prefer ads in the browser not connecting to the internet while their computer is idle.

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