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The Future of Computers and What That Means

Technology evolves at a breakneck pace, with more and more innovations happening daily.

It’s no secret that technology evolves at a breakneck pace, with more and more new and exciting innovations happening every day. The future of computers can seem unsure and overwhelming. Here are some of the possibilities for the future of computers explained and explored.  


Virtual Reality

While it seems very science fiction, virtual reality is actually incredibly science fact, and already available. Both Google and Samsung offer basic virtual reality gear, all though it is limited as it relies on smartphones. Soon technology far beyond this will debut, with dedicated displays, positional tracking, and entirely new virtual reality specific controllers. Virtual reality will change the way we game, work, train, learn, communicate, collaborate, and even look at the world around us.

The Wire Free PC

Intel hopes to change future of computers by making all PC computers eventually completely wireless. They currently depend on countless wires, which may change with Intel innovations like WiGig. This wireless standard for gigabit data links can connect monitors, hard drives, and more all without all those pesky wires. Intel is also working on being able to charge laptops wirelessly.

Perceptual Computing

Another one of Intel’s big ideas is perceptual computing, where you interact with your PC more naturally using your other senses, rather than with a keyboard or mouse. Instead of a keyboard, for example, you might use hand gestures. This is just starting to be developed, but has exciting implications for the future of computers.

Wall Computing

Technology trends change, with devices alternately getting bigger and bigger and smaller and smaller. The future might just hold a big screen TV sized computer with all of the power of a PC. This 84 inch touch screen device is impressive and geared toward business. Microsoft’s goal was to create a whiteboard replacement with all of the power and versatility of a computer.


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