The Importance of a Fantastic Business Network Design

The main point of network design is to ensure that everyone in your business is connected, while still being protected from things like viruses and malware.

Network design.  Do these words sound complicated?  The reality of business network design is not difficult to understand, but it can take some getting used to.  The main point of network design is to ensure that everyone in your business is connected, while still being protected from things like viruses and malware.  However, every business is different.  The size of your business, its location(s), the way it functions, and its overall purpose can affect how your network is designed.  Read on to learn more about the importance of a great network design.

Why Do You Need a Plan?


A network design plan is the first step towards a fantastic business network design.  While you can figure it out along the way, adding elements and piecing together the puzzle, it’s much easier and safer for you to plan out your path first.  Without a doubt, the best way to ensure that your network is safe and protected, as well as efficient, is to plan a network before you install it.


How Do I Know If My Plan is Good?


You’ll be able to tell whether or not your network design is right for your business within the first few days or weeks of using it.  For instance, a great network increases speed and efficiency.  It will work quickly and with a high level of performance.  You’ll definitely notice something is off if your network isn’t properly wired.  Applications will run slowly, data transfer will be agonizing, and reaction time will be sluggish at best.  There is also the fact that your network will be much safer if designed and planned by a professional.  A pieced-together network may have several vulnerabilities that hackers and malware could use to sneak into your network and destroy it from the inside out.  To prevent this, you’ll need a great network design that is well-planned and functional.


Keep Moving Forward


Good network designs will allow for scalability.  That means that you won’t have to reconfigure the entire network when another computer or user is added.  Speed, security, and usefulness will not be compromised due to minor or major scalability changes.  If your network is having trouble expanding to accommodate more users and computers, it’s time for a network redesign.


Working Nets can help you reconfigure your network to make it safer and faster than ever before!


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