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Tips To Improve Your Streaming Speed

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If you are tired of waiting for videos to buffer, here are some of our best tips for improving your streaming speed.

Streaming speed is more important than ever, as businesses and homes rely on high-quality internet. Between tablets, desktop computers, laptops, televisions, and more, even good connections can undergo periods of strain. If you are tired of waiting for videos to buffer, here are some of our best tips for improving your streaming speed.

Reduce the Number of Connections

The more connections that your office or home has, the greater the amount of strain on your network. Many electronics like coffee makers and security systems are also connected to the Internet at all times, which can dramatically slow down your network. Obviously, your employees need quality internet access to get their jobs done. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth disconnecting some extra appliances and tools whenever possible to boost your streaming speed.

Delete Internet Files

Typically, every time you shut a window or quit your Internet browser, your operating system will delete the copies of the many small files that it stores to show you webpages in the quality that you expect. However, if you shut your computer down before you let your browsers to quit, your computer is still holding onto all of those files. Always visit your browser history to clear all temporary files to allow your internet to work at the best possible speed.

Use Ethernet Instead

Especially in an office with many different computers and network connections, choosing Ethernet whenever possible is a good idea. Wirelessly connected computers and laptops are not able to receive data at the same speed as devices that are wired directly via Ethernet cables. Your router may only be performing at half of the speed if you are solely relying on Wi-Fi for your streaming needs.

Working Nets Can Speed Up Your Computer and Network

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