The Most Successful Phishing Attempts to Be Aware Of

The Most Successful Phishing Attempts to Be Aware Of

Phishing attempts are becoming more sophisticated over time, and even professionals in the tech industry have fallen for the attempts. You are never too gullible or too knowledgeable to fall for a phishing attempt. Here are some of the most advanced and successful phishing methods that you should be aware of.

Subject Line: Security Alert

The most successful phishing emails (21% opened) used security alert in the subject line. By creating a sense of urgency and appealing to the interests of every employee and person, they trick you into opening the email (and potential downloading additional information). Security alert emails are very common, so most people will take them seriously. However, before clicking a link, you should first reason through the email itself. Do you pay for security services from the company the email is from?

Subject Line: UPS Label Delivery and Subject Line: A Delivery Attempt Was Made

Another common and successful phishing scam is telling customers that they have a UPS package on the way or that they missed a UPS package that was trying to be delivered. This phishing scam is especially common during this time of year, when people are expecting packages to be delivered and nervous about missing a delivery. Before carefully thinking through the email from USPS or UPS, most people will click on the link to find out more about the delivery or attempt to reschedule it. Make sure you keep track of what you have purchased and what packages you are expecting.

Subject Line: All Employees: Update Your Healthcare Info

The final common phishing attempt is designed to get healthcare information from employees, and it is very successful. Most people trust the email and click on it right away, since they assume it is from their healthcare company. They also assume that nobody would want their healthcare information. However, phishers will attempt to gain any login info for any website possible and use it for malicious purposes.

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