Different Types of Data Backups for Your Business

Last week we helped you make the data backup plan for your company. However, while you’ve come up with a plan of what needs to be backed up monthly, daily, weekly, and ever single time it’s edited, you haven’t figured out how best to back it up.  When it comes to the different types of data backups, it can get really confusing. That’s why, this week, Working Nets has a guide to the different types of data backups available, and brief overviews of their advantages and disadvantages.

Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape is an older solution and is rapidly losing relevancy in today’s technology. It can backup more, faster, then secondary hard drives, for cheaper, but it’s rapidly losing it’s slight edge in this department. Also, to backup and retrieve data from backup you have to run the tap sequentially. Which means you don’t pick and choose the data you retrieve, it has to all be retrieved, and then you sort through the data. However, for the time being, magnetic tape is the best for backing up large amounts of data quickly, and retrieving them quickly. [Read more…]