Updating the Virus Signature: Why it isn’t enough

What is a Virus Signature?

A virus signature, sometimes referred to as a definition file or a DAT file, is an algorithm or hash used by antivirus software to identify a specific virus or threat. However, signatures are only affective at detecting previously known viruses. When a new virus arises, a new signature must also be created.

What it means to Update the Virus Signature

When a new virus is discovered that is not detectable by an existing signature, a new signature must be created and tested by the antivirus vendor. This new signature is then pushed to the public in the form of a signature update, adding the detection capability to the scan engine.

Why it isn’t enough to just Update the Virus Signature

Because it is not practical for antivirus companies to release individual signatures, they often release several at a time on a set schedule. Still, keeping your signatures up to date will not guarantee a new virus will not slip through. To better protect yourself, it is recommended that you purchase the latest version of the antivirus software.

It’s important to keep the actual software current; not just the virus signatures!

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