We’ve got the rundown on Windows 10

Is Windows 10 right for you?

Microsoft is coming out with a hot new operating system (OS) called Windows 10. As with any new OS, you need to get the rundown so that you know what you’re getting yourself into before you invest. That’s why we’re here with the facts so that you can decide whether or not Windows 10 is right for you. Ready to learn more? Well, here we go!

Connectivity seems to be the new thing.

Right now basically every major software company is advertising just how many things you can connect at once. Google, Facebook, and other major social media companies are doing the same thing. Connectivity seems to be the big thing right now. Windows 10 is boasting new connectivity features by adding Xbox and their new office assistant, Cortana to the list of things that span across devices. Office 365 continues to show its stuff with its amazing cloud storage capabilities and overall lovely design.

They’ve got some gold standards with a twist.

One of the biggest things missing from Windows 8 was the start menu, but they’re bringing it back! Yay! You can pin your favorite apps and programs to it, so it sort of reminds us of the tile board of Windows 8 in a good way. This seems like it’s going to be a nice answer to the problems of Windows 8. The big question we have is whether or not Windows 10 is going to be friendlier to computers without touchscreen capabilities. A lot of people took issue with this in Windows 8.

Thinking about upgrading to Windows 10?

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