Microsoft Gives Business Computers the Cortana Treatment

The application can pull data from Microsoft’s business application and provides the opportunity for multiple user viewing and editing on their own devices (iOS, Windows, or Android).

Back in July, Microsoft revealed two business applications set to change the way more casual business owners examine their business data. GigJam and Cortana Analytics Suite both use the Cortana personal assistant originally designed for the Windows Phone (and now incorporated into Windows 10), and were presented as a way to make IT-powered business processes more understandable and accessible. Read on to see how these two new tools can help your business adopt the Cortana Treatment.

GigJam Encourages Plain Language

GigJam was designed as a collaborative business reporting tool. The application utilizes data from multiple business applications to generate plain language reports through Cortana’s interface. The application can pull data from Microsoft’s business application, as well as others, and provided the opportunity for multiple user viewing and editing, either on their own devices (iOS, Windows, or Android) or across a Skype connection.

Cortana Gets in On the Action

Cortana Analytics Suite, as the name implies, also used Cortana for business purposes, but with more focus on automation and action. Analytics Suite allows businesses to automate common business actions based on data, such as fraud detection, churn prevention, and forecasting. The integration of Cortana into the suite allows for “perceptual intelligence,” using speech and sentiment analysis to identify out customer needs.

Get Started Using Cortana

Cortana can help you with all sorts of tasks, both on your business and home computers. If you have already downloaded and installed Windows 10, all you need to do is turn on the Cortana application and follow the set-up instructions.

Once Cortana is on and set up, you can ask her all sorts of questions. Just say “Hey Cortana”, and give any of the following questions a try!

  • What’s the weather like?
  • What’s on my schedule?
  • How long will it take me to get to _______?
  • Show me directions to ________.

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