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Start Employing Data Backups to Avoid a Data Loss Disaster

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The security and reassurance of frequent data backups are invaluable, from personal to corporate use.

Whether you just got a new piece of tech during the holidays or whether you’re in need of a new year’s resolution, now is the time to start backing up your personal data. Getting into the habit of a frequent data backup will save you lots of heart and headache in the event that your computer (or computer system) meets its untimely demise. Data loss can range from losing a few hours’ worth of writing to the downfall of an entire business, but in any case, it’s better to spend some time on a data backup than to deal with inconvenient data loss or catastrophic IT failure.

Backup to an External Hard Drive

While there are a handful of personal data backup methods, the tried and true method is to copy your files to another piece of hardware that you can keep independently of your main machine — typically an external hard drive. This method of data loss prevention can be time consuming depending on the age of your machines and the size of your files, and it also lacks some of the dependability of newer backup technologies, as your external drive can more easily be damaged, compromised, or lost. This method is also quite impractical on the scale of large business, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single external hard drive that can maintain the data of a couple dozen people, let alone a huge corporation. As cloud-based storage is gaining popularity and trust, many tech users are switching to the cloud as their preferred method of data backup.

Backup to Cloud-Based Storage

Data loss can stem from many problems, one of which is the malfunction of hardware — whether that’s an internal or external hard drive, or another on-board processing unit. To eliminate the likelihood of your machinery malfunctioning and dumping all your data to the realm of Never-Getting-Back, loads of tech companies are introducing cloud-based storage solutions, to ensure that your personal machine isn’t the only one responsible for your data. A cloud-based data backup is often quicker, cheaper, and more secure than an external drive, and allows for the convenience of not needing an additional piece of equipment. Many cloud services also offer encryption services, making your data even more secure in the cloud. This is by far the greatest-recommended option — particularly when scaling to business data.

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