5 Ways to Make Your Computer (and Life) Run Faster

If you are struggling with a slow computer, here are five easy ways to make your computer run faster.

When your computer is running slowly, it slows everything down. A slow computer can prevent you from getting a work assignment done on time, meeting an important deadline or cause you a lot of frustration throughout the day. If you are struggling with a slow computer, here are five easy ways to make your computer run faster.

Uninstall What You Aren’t Using

New computers come loaded with free trials of software and basic applications that not everyone uses. Many people don’t even realize they are there until their computer is running at a low speed and they search through their storage to see what’s eating it up. Delete all of the applications that you aren’t using from your computer and make sure that applications aren’t running background processes while you use it.

Delete Temporary Files

Your computer uses temporary files every day doing daily tasks. Over time, the storage space taken up by these temporary files can get very large. To delete your temporary files, including browsing history and cookies, open up My Computer, select the local drive, the Windows folder, and open the folder titled Temp.

Use a Solid State Hard Drive

Hard drives are typically the culprit behind a slow speed computer. If you have the funds and ability to do so, install a solid state hard drive in your computer. They run much more quickly and can totally transform your computer.

Increase Your Hard Drive Storage

Even if you are regularly cleaning your computer, once your storage goes above 85%, it will negatively affect your computer’s speed. If you film videos, record songs or do anything else that takes up a large amount of storage, make sure that you are deleting regularly.

Get More RAM

RAM is temporary storage memory that your computer uses while you are actively running programs. The more programs that you need to run at a time, the more RAM that you should have on your computer.

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