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The Danger In Ignoring Software Updates

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Ignoring software updates could prove to be costly.

Software updates are a given when it comes to the technology we most frequently use. They’re also a nuisance though, because nobody looks forward to the time it takes to install the software update. If you do choose to ignore these updates, it could potentially harm your computer in irreversible ways. Even if it’s just a small fix, updates are designed to make your computer less vulnerable. Foregoing the update can leave you susceptible to the cyber-criminals of the world. Before you choose to ignore the next software update you see, make sure you understand the consequences of that decision.

What Is A Software Update?

In most cases, a software update is strictly for security purposes. If a weak point is discovered, developers will create a device known as a “patch.” Ignoring patches can lead to a security risk, because hackers can then easily detect holes in your system. Aside from security, updates also come with enhancements for graphics or smaller features like bug fixes.

“Remind Me Later”

That’s the phrase most of us click when we see an alert for a software update. It’s just convenient, right? Nobody wants to stall their day by waiting for technology to reach an optimal working point. We give a Mutombo wave to rebooting and choose to continue working. Some companies will insert automatic updates to get computers to a stronger place, but that risks losing trust. Simply put, if you constantly click on “remind me later” when the update alerts come, you may not even have that option eventually.

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