Windows 7, Windows XP, & Malware Infections: Is your Computer at risk?

According to the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (volume 13), the average number of infected Windows 7 SP1 machines has increased in 2012 by 23% on 32-bit systems and 7% on 64-bit systems, compared to the last quarter of 2011. Meanwhile, the average number of malware-infected Windows XP SP3 PCs has increased by around 10%.

According to the report: “A similar trend of slowly increasing infection rates was observed for Windows Vista between 2007 and 2009, prior to the release of Windows 7.” But why? Well, as more and more people adopt software, security suffers. Early adopters are often well versed in cybersecurity techniques. However, the general populous is not.

“As the Windows 7 install base has grown, new users are likely to possess a lower degree of security awareness than the early adopters and be less aware of safe online practices,” according to the Microsoft security report.

Quick Security Tips from Working Nets

  1. Avoid questionable behavior. If you engage in questionable behaviors; if you don’t have SOME healthy skepticism about clicking on links to who-knows-where; if you download “drivers” or “players” willy-nilly, so that you can see that “new video”, and especially if you don’t have some form of anti-virus software, you’re going to get hurt.
  2. Trying to avoid paying for software by downloading license key generator, also known as Keygen, software to allow you to install a full-version of whatever software you’re talking about is not only illegal, it constitutes “questionable behavior.” Remember what we just talked about. There is plenty of free software, and if the software you want to use isn’t free, and is that important to you, it’s probably worth paying for. It’s usually cheaper than having to have viruses uninstalled, and is certainly cheaper than having financial credentials stolen.

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Windows 7 Malware Infection Rates Soar