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Has My Password Been Compromised?

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There is a new website which launched recently and the main purpose is to identify if you’ve been pwned.

Pwned is internet slang for the word ‘owned’ and is used frequently to describe dominance over someone regarding the internet.

When your computer has been hacked and your personal data is now available to someone that you did not give consent to having it, that is considered being pwned.  When your data has been compromised, passwords or otherwise, it is best to change your password as soon as possible to protect yourself.

By going to http://haveibeenpwned.com/ and putting in your email address it can check any recent major security breaches and let you know if your account is safe or it has been compromised.

The website lets users know if their passwords were compromised in high-profile attacks against Adobe, Stratfor, Gawker, Yahoo, Pixel Federation, and Sony. All told the website currently scans more than 150 million compromised accounts.

Staying safe online is important and this website is an easy way to keep yourself safe!

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