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Happy Birthday, Microsoft Office 365!

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The Microsoft Office brand has been famous for decades, now.

Businesses have celebrated the public release of Microsoft Office as a package for five years now.  It’s actually the most popular business cloud service thus far, including Google’s network.  The Microsoft Office brand has been famous for decades, now.  Since Microsoft’s inception, Word has been the go-to text software for a lot of people; so much so that people download it onto their Macs.  Let’s take this blog entry to congratulate Microsoft’s big day.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Back in 2010, the cloud system had been released as a beta, and included Office, Powerpoint, Exchange and Lync.  Of course, Microsoft Office included famous programs like Word and Excel, which have become essential to current computer users.  In its first few months of alpha release, Office 365 had reached over 200,000 companies, and reported a staggering 50%  drop in businesses’ IT costs.  Since then, Office has been released for free for students, with a valid student ID.  Businesses have monthly payments for the added helpful programs.


What does this mean for the future of business?

GeekWire’s Dan Richman says, “As long ago as March 2015, Office 365 had surpassed Google Apps for Business in the enterprise, according to Bitglass’s 2015 Cloud Security Report”.  This is huge.  Microsoft’s cloud system started as the underdog and rose to the top in just five years.  Richman also notes that Office 365 currently has over 70 million active users.  Google is a fierce competitor, as you can probably imagine.  But it appears that for larger companies who have been around longer, Microsoft is the more trustworthy brand name that they recognize and believe in.


But many users have yet to transfer their information to the online cloud system.  Office is the most used part of this download, because the Office package for business is even more popular.  Only 22% of users have moved to the cloud, likely because they don’t notice how helpful it could be.  Make no mistake–we’ve talked about this before.  Using an online cloud system as a backup can end up being vital for your security, and protects your business from corruption.


Want more information?  Working Nets can help explain it to you.

Don’t be afraid–we know technology can be daunting.  But Working Nets is dedicated to explaining everything to you while making sure you don’t feel lost.  We’re tech support that supports you, and we don’t judge based on confusion.  If you’ve never even heard of Microsoft Office 365, we can help you understand why your business could benefit.


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