How to Know if Your Motherboard is Dead

The motherboard is one of the central parts of your computer, so replacement should be put off unless it is completely necessary.

If your computer has been acting up, you might be concerned that your motherboard is malfunctioning or completely dead. The motherboard is one of the central parts of your computer, so replacement should be put off unless it is completely necessary. So, how can you tell if your motherboard is dead or just malfunctioning?

What Are the Symptoms?

Is your computer failing to boot up altogether? One of the most common symptoms of a bad motherboard is your computer starting to boot and then shutting down, a huge spike in Windows errors, and blue screens of death. If you notice a sudden uptick in issues with your computer, there is a chance that the motherboard could be the culprit.

What Can You Do to Troubleshoot?

Here are some of the best ways to determine if your motherboard is dead. Make sure that you contact the professionals at Working Nets to safely do every step!

  • Check your system and application settings to see if something recently changed and if it could be messing with the way that your computer is operating.
  • Check to see if the power cord to your computer is loose. This can lead to frequent unexplained shutdowns. Check the peripheral connectors as well to make sure that they are secure and tight. External hard drives, flash drives, and external CD drives can also prevent your computer from properly booting or functioning.
  • Listen to your computer’s hardware when you turn it on. The pattern of beeps that you hear should be able to tell you what the problem is. Motherboard issues typically are announced by a single beep followed by three, four, or five more. Four beeps followed by two, three, or four beeps indicates a problem with serial or parallel ports.

Working Nets Can Help You Troubleshoot Your Motherboard Issues

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