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The Advantages of Outsourcing Your IT

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Outsourcing your IT is a smart way to reduce labor costs. Learn about more benefits.

There are numerous decisions to be made when it comes to any businesses, and many of them revolve around what services you choose to receive through outsourcing, and what you choose to leave in house. There are numerous benefits when it comes to outsourcing IT services, and some of these are outlined below. Read More

How Information Technology Benefits Business

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Information technology leads to better business. Find out how.

Information technology has developed so rapidly that some business owners aren’t even aware of all the ways they can increase their efficiency. Information technology allows business owners to build a stronger relationship with customers, improve inventory management, and allows for easier finance systems. All of this saves time, which increases productivity. Let Working Nets teach you about a few ways information technology has benefited businesses across the world. Are you in need of our services?  Read More

Benefits of IT Services for Healthcare Providers

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If you’re a medical professional or hospital administrator, you know the rigorous technological demands that are put upon any medical institution on a daily basis. Whether it’s insurance management or patient record keeping, you rely on your medical computer systems to keep things running smoothly and ensuring your patients get the best care possible. That’s why Working Nets is here to talk about the benefits of outsourced IT services for Baltimore healthcare providers.

Always-Available Service Desk

With the increasing complexity of technology available to the average consumer, the complexity of queries to help desks increases too. In a fast-paced world where callers have high expectations, it’s vital to have a tech support team that can handle problems quickly. Working Nets service desk provides accurate and fast IT service that’s ready to handle anything from password resetting to system configuration at a moment’s notice.

Network Monitoring

Make sure your users have a reliable and smooth experience each and every day they access your system with network monitoring from Baltimore’s best IT services provider, Working Nets. We’ll keep you up to date on your network’s functionality, and address potential issues before they become major problems.

Expert IT Consultation

Do you need someone with a high degree of specific technical knowledge fast? Working nets can provide the best available IT consulting, advising you on anything from system design to product purchasing, ensuring that your healthcare systems are completely cost-effective. We’re ready with the IT services and knowledge you need to keep your Baltimore healthcare office running at maximum efficiency.

Security and Recovery Services

If you’re working on a potentially unsecured healthcare management system, disaster could strike at any time. Whether it’s through user error or a malicious hacking attempt, the consequences could be dire. Lost or stolen data presents a significant danger to your healthcare business and your Baltimore clients. Fortunately, Working Nets has ample network security options to keep your information safe and secure. We also boast a suite of data recovery options, ensuring that your information is protected against system errors and crashes.

Working Nets Has What It Takes

At Working Nets, we know that handling the massive task of managing IT services for a healthcare, while actually keeping everything running can seem impossible. Outsourcing your IT can give you peace of mind and allow you to take care of the things that are important for your company. Working Nets is a Baltimore based IT Service and Security company that services small businesses nationwide. We’re always on top of emerging cybersecurity trends and threats so you don’t have to be.

To talk to someone about managed IT for your business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

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If you are reading this blog, the smart money says that you, like many small business owners today, are faced with a difficult IT challenge that you are unsure how to address. This problem may be beyond the capabilities of your current IT staff, or your company might not actually have dedicated IT personnel to begin with. In either situation, there are many reasons why you might wish to hire another company to manage your IT services. Luckily, we have decided to save you some time by listing a few of the benefits of outsourced IT services below:

  • Affordability: You might think it would be more expensive to outsource your IT needs, but you can actually save money through outsourcing. When you turn to an IT professional such as Working Nets, you get exactly what you pay for. There is no need to interview and hire each employee and provide him or her with benefits, promotion opportunities, or other incentives. Instead, you pay a comparatively cheaper fee to have another company to employ the best people it can and handle whatever IT services you need, ranging from email services, to disaster recovery, to virus protection.

  • Expertise: IT companies specialize in fulfilling your IT needs. You spend enough of your time trying to run your company already. Why waste even a fraction of that time on managing your IT services when an outside company can address everything you need? Companies like Working Nets ensure they select the very best from a pool of highly talented applicants to tackle even the toughest of IT problems you might have. We then are able to apply our expertise to creating IT solutions tailored to whatever issue you may be having.

  • Disaster recovery: Have you ever heard the expression “Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it”? Although it normally applies to jackets, it can also apply to disaster recovery services. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing IT services is the ability to backup your important data at an external location. An unfortunate downside to our technologically-dependant world is that even our best technology can fail us at the worst of times. By storing your data with Working Nets you ensure that your data is kept secure and regularly tested to prevent failure.


At Working Nets, we were founded to provide small businesses, like yours, with expert information technology support they needed. We provide many services, including systems setup and support, data security, disaster recovery, computer network analysis, equipment purchase consulting, network design and configuration, general troubleshooting, and spyware and virus protection. We are standing by to help you on any issue you may have!


If you have any questions about the benefits of outsourced IT services, please contact Working Nets by calling (443) 992-7394 or visit WorkingNets.com today! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.