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Why Should I Backup My Data?

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Odds are that your business relies on technology in one form or another, whether it is invoicing, record keeping, accounting, or any one of the numerous other technologically-driven business tasks out there. So with so much of your company’s future success relying on computers, how often do you backup your data?computer

Astonishingly, only 25% of computer users regularly backup their data!

Of companies that experience a major loss of business data, only 6% survive, 51% close within 2 years, and 43% never recover. So let me ask you again…how often do you backup your business data?

Other Important Questions to Address:

  • Where do you backup your data to?
  • Where do you keep the backup media files?
  • How often do you test your restores?

When you suffer data loss, you want to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. And to ensure this happens, you must have a redundant disaster recovery system in place. The more redundant your systems, the less you will suffer.

Disaster Recover and Data Backup Tips & Tricks

  • Software: If you utilize specific software and other applications to run your business, be sure you have copies stored offsite.
  • Passwords: Be sure to have your passwords stored in a secure location offsite. After all, what good is restoring your data if you cannot access it?
  • Alerts: If it is possible, have alerts setup to notify you when your critical systems are down.
  • Document Everything: Be sure to document step-by-step instructions to get your computers back up and running. This needs to include your restore procedures (how to get the backup software and media, and any documentation needed to operate that software and media), any vendor information (account numbers and system credentials), and a list of the software you use.

For a full Disaster Recovery Planning worksheet, visit WorkingNets.com or click here.

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