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Windows Blue: The Evolution of Microsoft Windows

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The buzz around the IT world has grown louder and louder recently. Windows Blue, which is either an update to Windows 8 or the de facto Windows 9 (we don’t know), has been THE hot topic as of late, especially when the Chinese-language Win8China website posted the follow:

  1. Windows Blue development has passed Milestone 1.
  2. Microsoft will release a preview version of Windows Blue sometime in early June (June 7th seems to be the rumored date).
  3. The final product is slated to be released “a few months” after the public preview, most likely in August.
  4. Windows Blue will be faster, use less power, and run with a new, smaller kernel, version 6.3.
  5. Windows Blue will support more screen scaling.
  6. There is even some talk of “multi-screen applications.”
  7. “The Bing team is working closely on Windows Blue to improve search in a significant way,” said Tom Warren.

So what is Windows Blue? Well, we don’t know. Still, while we don’t know much about Windows Blue, one thing is for sure. Windows Blue represents a shift from Microsoft’s standard three-year upgrade schedule, opting more for an Apple-like one-year rolling revisions. After all, if you can’t be ‘em, join ‘em.

Are you excited for Windows Blue (whatever it is)?

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Windows Blue: How Will Windows 8 Evolve?

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