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Disaster Recovery Horror Story #7: Lighting can Strike Twice…Sort of

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Disaster Recovery Horror StoryWe have heard all of the excuses before: “Disaster recovery is not important,” or “I can’t afford disaster recovery.” Not important? Can’t afford it? Did you know that 43% of companies that experience major data loss never recover? 51% close within 2 years. Not important? Stop making excuses and get with the times. You need a proper disaster recovery plan in place or you risk losing EVERYTHING if disaster strikes. Are you willing to take that gamble?

Disaster Recovery Horror Story #7: Lighting can Strike Twice…Sort of

Sometimes, even when you think you are doing everything right, something still goes wrong. And in the case study we are about to tell you, something goes terribly wrong…twice! The company did everything right. They backed up their data, tapes were stored offsite, and a restore was scheduled every 6 months. Everything was running smoothly. Then disaster struck.

Lighting struck the building, burning the computer building to the ground. Fortunately, the company’s insurance took care of the recovery costs, providing new servers, a generator, and a mobile building to house them in. All that was left was the backup tapes. A courier was dispatched and the tapes were on route. Then lighting struck again (figuratively).

The courier was in an accident en route to deliver the backup tapes. The courier was okay, but the backup tapes were not, crushed under the wheels of another vehicle. Fortunately, the company had other tapes, but they were a few days old.

They never did fully recover all of their lost data.

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