The Benefits of Professional Network Management

As a small business owner, whether you’re in Maryland or any other part of the country, you know that there’s only one thing keeping your systems connected and communicating with the world at large: Your network. Aside from connecting you to the world, you network stores valuable files, client information, and personal data so keeping it up and running, and secure, is of paramount importance. But why do it all on your own while running a business? Working Nets is here with some of the perks of professional network management.

Minimize Network Downtime

Every small business’s worst nightmare, one their sure to experience at least a handful of times, is a downed network, which can bring even the most productive day to a screeching halt. Fortunately, with professional network management, you’ve got a team of qualified experts monitoring your network around the clock, preventing network collapse whenever possible, and quickly restoring it to operational capacity if it goes down.

Device Configuration Management

Professional network management services have the power to conduct quick and accurate inventories of every network-connected device at any time. This allows them to better identify problem devices, inappropriate network use, and security threats. Additionally, network management for your small business ensures that all your connected devices will be kept up to date with the latest security software, and will be properly configured to interface as efficiently as possible with every other device in your system. .

Optimized Network Security

Keeping your small business’s data secure is of paramount importance. There aren’t only your interests at stake either. Because most business’s networks store some amount of client information, you’ve also got to look out for the sensitive data of your loyal customers. Professional network management ensures that your network’s security protocols are constantly up-to-date, and that you have a team of experienced cybersecurity professionals standing by, ready to disable any threat that comes your way.

Get Professional Network Management with Working Nets

We’re a Maryland based company with years of experience managing networks of both large and small businesses, as well as a team of highly dedicated, well-trained technical experts who stay on the cutting edge of network management so you don’t have to.

To talk to someone about network management for your small business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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Basic IT Troubleshooting Tips for Maryland Businesses

In a world that’s increasingly dependent on technology and in a global economy that offers no “time-outs” for technical problems, a significant IT problem can cost thousands, even millions, of dollars. That’s why it’s important to entrust your business IT needs to a company with experience and training. But, it also pays to know how to fix small problems yourself. Working Nets, your Maryland business IT provider, is here with a few basic troubleshooting tips to help you easily manage small IT crisis.

Check Those Cables

The vast majority of simple IT or computer problems that Maryland businesses face are related to bad connections. Your average business computer system has a bevy of cables, wires, and plugs, each of which must be appropriately connected for the system to function correctly. An easy IT troubleshooting first step is to make sure everything’s plugged in where it’s supposed to.

Isolate and Identify

The most helpful information when solving an IT problem is knowing where exactly the trouble lies. Do your best to isolate a problem and find out exactly what isn’t working. For example, if your mouse cursor won’t respond, try to figure out if the problem is with your computer or the physical mouse by trying alternate mice, attempting to use the keyboard to navigate, or using the mouse on a different service. Make one change at a time to determine what’s causing the problem. Even if you can’t fix it, this information saves Maryland IT troubleshooting professionals valuable time.

Record, Record, Record

Make sure to write down all the steps you’ve taken trying to fix the problem, writing down as much information as possible. If your computer displays an error message make sure to copy all the information it displays. Knowing what steps you’ve taken and the various error codes displayed will help an IT troubleshooting professional fix the problem speedily.

Need Professional IT Troubleshooting?

Contact Working Nets. Doing all of your IT troubleshooting, management, repair, and maintenance in-house can be expensive and time-consuming. Outsourcing your IT can give you the peace of mind that your business’s IT needs are all taken care of, and allow you to focus on the things that are important for your company. Working Nets is a Maryland based IT Service and Security company that services small businesses nationwide. We’re always on top of emerging cyber security trends and threats so you don’t have to be.

To talk to someone about managed IT for your business, give us a call at (443) 992-7394. We’d be happy to assist you with your professional business networking needs.

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The Benefits of Outsourced Disaster Recovery :: Maryland IT Support

With so much of your business relying on technology, you cannot afford to lose critical data. The outcomes could be disastrous to your business. In fact, of companies that had a major loss of business data…

  • 6% Survived
  • 51% Closed Within 2 Years
  • 43% Never Recovered!

So what do you do when disaster strikes?

Do you have a plan in place?

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to step back and look at what you could have done differently. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to address Disaster Recovery.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is the process and procedures your business puts in place for the recovery of your technology infrastructure and critical data after a natural or human-induced disaster.

What is Outsourced Disaster Recovery?

Companies of all shapes and sizes – from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies – are beginning to realize the importance of disaster recovery. But what do you do if you cannot afford to hire an in-house IT technician?

You outsource your disaster recovery needs to Working Nets, your virtual IT department! We assure that your vital business data is available when you need it.

What are the Benefits of Outsourced Disaster Recovery?

  • It is often cheaper to outsource your IT needs than it is to hire an in-house IT professional. Plus, you can utilize an entire team of IT experts without having to pay a single salary!
  • There are no upfront technology or storage costs.
  • There are no hardware maintenance costs.
  • There are no software subscriptions.
  • Peace of Mind!

So do the right thing for your business and outsource your disaster recovery to Working Nets!

If you have any questions about Outsourced Disaster Recovery, please contact Working Nets by calling (443) 992-7394 or visit WorkingNets.com today!

Welcome to Working Nets – your virtual IT Deptartment!

At Working Nets, we support your business by providing top-notch Information Technology (I.T.) services to companies like yours: Companies that don’t need full-time I.T. services, but do need someone to turn to, when they are having a problem. We provide services like Network Design, Monitoring and Maintenance. We troubleshoot technical issues when they arise, and give you options for solving them. We help you use your technology investment to achieve your business goals.

At Working Nets, our focus is on your needs!

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